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You can see 3 chairs.

What you  can’t see is the impact of 300 hours’ standing in sunny, rainy and windy places. It’s WRB technology.

WRB Technology © (Weather-Resistant Beech), created by Paged, enables to manufacture beech furniture with an amazing level of resistance to weather conditions.

More about features of WRB


WRB Technology keeps furniture safe from deformation in 5°C – 65°C temperature range.


WRB Technology isolates the inner structure of wood from water, even if the external coating is wet or exposed to rain.


Exposure to sun and UV radiation doesn’t change the colour of furniture protected by WRB Technology.

Air humidity

WRB ideally protects the wood structure against absorbing the moisture and prevents the wood as well as the coating from bulges.

Resistance confirmed.
Durability of the WRB furniture protection has been confirmed by tests performed in ARALAB climate cabin in Sherwin-Williams’s laboratory in Maersta, Sweden and in Lorken-Tech laboratory in Poland. Detailed results reports are available on request.

Tested in extreme conditions.

Furniture made with WRB Technology has  been soundly tested, especially by ourselves. It has been placed at the factory rooftop, where it experienced extreme weather conditions. WRB was its sole protection. And the performance of WRB astonished even us.

More informations worth to know

What are the strong points of WRB?

Wide range of applications

Furniture made of beech can be designed and produced in any style. It’s an advantage over another outdoor furniture, among which colonial style is dominant. Thanks to WRB, elegant furniture can be used outside as well as inside of the buildings. That makes it a perfect solution for events, conferences and parties. For individual clients it is also a valuable solution for garden spaces.

How does the WRB Technology work?

Full protection

As a result of special treatment process created by Paged, external layers of beech wood becomes  insensitive to weather conditions. Therefore in internal layers any dangerous process doesn’t occur.

How to use furniture made in WRB Technology?

No tricks, no risk

Many buyers of outdoor furniture do not realize that the instructions of using do not allow them to be exposed to sunlight or  rain. Using these products for the purpose for which they’ve been bought can destroy them and invalidate any claims under the warranty.


WRB-made furniture don’t go with limitations for the users. They can be used both inside and outside of the buildings because  hard weather conditions aren’t an issue for them.

For sustaining protection quality, producer recommends to perform maintenance process every 9 months, using our special wood preservative.

How to recognize WRB-made furniture?

No difference at all

At the moment, we use WRB Technology on furniture models that were already available on the market. There’s no visual difference between the same models, finished in WRB or not – wood colour remains the same. For better recognition, we provided a small WRB signature under the chair’s seat to avoid inconveniences.

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